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Gardening Info and Tips:
all about vegetable and herb gardening.  Some really great tips for success growing and harvesting our favorites:  tomatoes, asparagus, beans, peppers, cuks, onions, and others, too -- speakers, answers to questions/problems.  Speak to a specialist.  Call 858-694-2860.   -- this is just a delightful site with all kinds of great information on good gardening practices, gardening with native plants, heirloom plants, organic plants, a plant encyclopedia, a forum, recipes, etc.  Most of the articles are written by an accredited nurseryman and Master Gardener instructor.  Though it originates from Northern California, when issues of zones come up, they try to make that clear. --  tips on reducing allergies and maladies related to gardening -- organic gardening tips -- you've got to see this web site! -- monthly calendar for organic gardening.  Tips on roses, citrus, flowers, herbs, vegetables.  Lots of interesting articles. -- answers to most frequently asked questions about roses -- advice from garden guru Bill Beaurain is very helpful.  Has a handy month-by-month guide too. -- good info on hydrangeas -- offers a large plant database and forums -- instructions on how to compost, which materials to use and how to deal with common composting problems. -- a good site to learn more about water gardens.

NEW:  (copy & paste link) -- a database of native plants of North America. 

Animal/Insect Friends and Foes:

(copy & paste link) - Need to break up and enrich some of our hard Valley Center soil in your garden and/or landscape, earthworms may be your answer. -- all about pests and how to get rid of them through poison-free pest control -- the butterfly web site.  A very good site.  Tons of interesting information.  Also has good information on hummingbirds and song birds.                                           - Great site. -- Caring control for pets and wildlife.  Dealing with nuisance animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, deer, rabbits, moles, gophers, snakes, mice, rats, opossum, etc.   -- self-explanator

NEW:  (copy & paste link) -- good fencing options for critter control


Local Nurseries

(copy and paste link)  (formerly -- Daylily Hill has been bought out.  They've got a new name--Waterwise Botanicals.  This place knows what plants love to be planted in our DG and other types of soil here in Valley Center.  Bring your camera and visit this beautiful wholesale nursery for a lovely eyeful of display gardens, ponds, a picnic site, flowering perennials, vines, specialty trees and shrubs, roses, ornamental grasses, odd and exotic cactus and succulents.  You might want to bring a truck to load up with some of the thousands of plants offered for sale.  Address:  32183 Old Highway 395, Escondido, (714)378-5360, Mon-Sat. 8-5.  Closed Sundays.



Seed and Equipment Catalogs: -- info on heirloom vegetables and where to get them  -- seeds galore, including All America Selection (AAS) winners, organic, survival, heirloom, veggies, herbs, sprouts, wildflowers, perennials, and annuals.  Also includes zone, schedule and guide.                                            -- Seems like a very nice site and offers veggie seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds.  One important asset is that it gives cultural information.  Lots of gardening accessory items too. -- good site.  Has herbs and rare seeds.  Also has Garden to Table Recipes. -- organic seeds and seedlings for veggies, culinary herbs and flowers, wildflowers.  Nice site.      -- excellent site.  Seeds of heirloom and cottage garden
      flowers.  Aromatic herbs and gourmet veggies from around the world.  Has recipes.
      Also has interesting articles by Renee, such as "Gardening for Small Children
      and "Holiday Garden Gift."
         --organic gardening seeds and tips -- seed suppliers.  Free catalog of 500 tomatoes and peppers

NEW:  (copy & paste link) https:/ -- heirloom seed exchange coop                                                           


TV and Publications: -- Home and Garden TV gives good garden and landscape advice -- excellent gardening tips -- Horticulture Magazine has great articles -- Matilija Nursery's digital magazine w/features on native plant gardening -- Better Homes and Garden web site


Culinary Info:                            -- The Cook's Garden claims it sells seeds, plants and bulbs that end up the best tasting on your table.  Also offer the top cut flowers for your table. -- gourmet plants for great cooks and growing tips


Kids Gardening: 

(copy and paste link)   Great ideas for educating kids about gardening

Miscellaneous: -- get a 10-day weather forecast for Valley Center (or anyplace else, for that matter) and month-by-month recommendations about what to do in your garden here in Valley Center


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National Garden Clubs, Inc., Pacific Region, CGCI, Palomar District

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